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Have you heard that root canal therapy can save a tooth with a damaged center? If you decide avoid root canal therapy, the damaged tooth could eventually die and even fall out. Once you have root canal therapy, how should you continue to care for your teeth? More specifically, do you know what you should do—or avoid doing—to help your tooth heal?

As with most treatments, you shouldn’t eat at all after root canal therapy while your mouth is still numb. If you eat while your mouth is numb, you could cause serious damage to your cheek or tongue and not even realize it. Once you are ready to eat, we suggest picking soft foods for a few days. Harder foods could actually cause damage to your healing tooth.

You should also remember to avoid drinking with a straw. Using a straw could disturb the tooth as it is healing and lead to a number of issues. You should also eat slowly and cautiously until your mouth heals. After you are finished healing, you should avoid chewing exclusively on the untreated side of your mouth. Unbalanced chewing can cause soreness and aches in your jaw.

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