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Have you ever had a tooth extracted? It’s rarely a pleasant experience. Sometimes it brings relief, especially if the tooth had a cavity or was infected. Usually, an extraction is a sign that you have other issues.

But when do you need an extraction? And what happens after the tooth is yanked? These are two questions that everyone should know the answer to. So that’s why we put this post together. Let’s look at our answers.

When do you need one?
Wisdom teeth are probably the most common tooth extractions. It’s a good thing that not all require that level of surgery, though. Most extractions can be handled by a dentist. Aside from wisdom teeth, you’ll need an extraction if your baby teeth aren’t falling out on their own. Infected or damaged teeth will need to be replaced, too.

What happens next?
After Dr. Barbara Lewis-Heywood extracts your teeth, you’ll have a few different options at your disposal. Depending on why your tooth was extracted, you’ll have at least a few options to choose from to restore your smile.

Some of the most common options are getting crowns or dental implants.These are both procedures that our team here at Riverside Dental & Beauty Spa in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, have extensive experience with.

If you think you have a tooth that needs extraction, or want a second opinion about a problem tooth, call us today at 505-219-0594 to schedule an appointment.