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Is your diet doing damage to your smile? Many products that you consume can easily cause cavities and slowly wear down your tooth enamel over time. To ensure good oral health and that your teeth will continue to thrive for decades to come, establish effective dietary habits to keep your smile safe.

Be aware that hard foods such as hard candy can easily damage your smile. These products can easily chip and crack your teeth. So, you should exercise caution with any hard foods. You should also limit or avoid products known to cause dental erosion such as sugars, starches, sour sweets, and acidic snacks.

Healthy foods include those that are rich in vitamins and minerals and those that produce saliva. Saliva is a naturally occurring substance in your mouth which is essential for good oral health. Saliva producing products include crunchy foods the high water content like apples and pears. Furthermore, it is important to strengthen your tooth enamel by eating enamel-building minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. These can often be found in foods such as nuts, cheese, and chicken as well as drinks such as milk.

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