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Dentures have several benefits. They can restore your smile, and the contours of your face. They can also make it easier for you to speak and to chew your food. And of course, a great smile does wonders for your self-confidence. Dentures are also one of the easier and inexpensive ways to restore missing teeth.

Be that as it may, if you are new to dentures, there will be a learning curve involved with them, and you will have to learn how to do some things differently.

As you are getting used to your dentures, take your time with eating. When you first get your dentures, cut your food into smaller pieces so that you can learn how to chew with your dentures in. Even though your front teeth are made for biting, you should be careful biting with the front teeth of your dentures. Biting can cause your dentures to become unstable in your mouth, and if you have a flipper, or set of temporary dentures, the front teeth may not react well to repeated stress.

In terms of speaking, you may find some new challenges learning to do so with your dentures in. If you find that you are having trouble with some words, practice pronouncing them. You may find that it helps to pronounce some words slowly.

Learning to live with dentures can take some time. In addition to learning how to speak and eat, the muscles in your mouth are also getting used to having something new in your mouth, and for a time you may produce more saliva than you normally do.

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