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Keep your smile safe this summer with effective oral emergency planning. If you are prepared for oral emergencies, you are more likely to have a diminished recovery time and be fully healed quicker.

Listed below are a few forms of oral emergencies and their effective treatment plans:

Objects stuck in teeth:

– If an object has become lodged in your teeth, try using specialized cleaners to remove the object, including dental floss or a water flosser, but never use a sharp or pointed utensil to try and remove the object.

Lost Tooth:

– If a tooth is knocked out, it may be conceivable to save it for re-insertion later by placing the tooth in a tooth-saving product, such as Save-A-Tooth or milk, and keep it moist until you can visit your dentist to reset it back in your mouth.

Lost Crown or Filling:

– A lost dental crown should be covered with a cotton swab dabbed in clove oil, whereas a lost filling should be covered with chewing gum or dental cement.

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