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Have you recently had your wisdom teeth removed? If so, it’s time to recover. Little did you know, the recovery period is quite important. In fact, you need to properly recover in order to have the top-notch oral health you’re looking for. So, our dentist, Dr. Barbara Lewis-Heywood, is happy to help you recover by giving you the tips you need. Those tips are:

-Rest for about two to three days after the surgery.

-Ice the area to reduce swelling, minimize pain, and prevent color changes to the skin.

-If your jaw stiffens, you can help relieve the muscles by heating them with a warm pad.

-Open and close your mouth regularly to exercise your jaw and prevent any stiffness.

-Have a soft-foods diet as you recover.

-Drink a lot of fluids, like water and juice.

-Brush your teeth on the second day after surgery. By careful not to brush any clots.

-Take the medications your dentist prescribed to you. If you don’t have any, take over-the-counter medication as necessary.

-Call your dentist if you have a fever or if the pain and swelling doesn’t reside in the first couple days.

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