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The world of cosmetic dentistry has many options, and dental crowns are one of the most popular. However, very few people understand how crowns work, or even why or when they’re necessary.

To help clear up some confusion, our team here at Riverside Dental & Beauty Spa in Rio Rancho, New Mexico put this post together to help inform you on how dental crowns work.

What is a crown?

A crown is a cap, generally made from porcelain or porcelain infused with other base metals, that sits over an abutment. The crown is designed to look, feel, and function just like a natural tooth.

When are they used?

Crowns are used when a tooth is either cracked or decayed so severely that other means of cosmetic dentistry can’t save it. The tooth is ground down to a base stump – the abutment – and then the crown is cemented into place on top of the abutment, essentially restoring your tooth to how it used to be before it needed a crown.

Are they effective?

Crowns are an incredibly effective cosmetic dentistry option, and if you have tooth health issues related to deep cracks, infected pulp, you’ll likely get a crown.

If you think you have teeth in need of crowns, or want more information, call us today at 505-219-0594 to see how we can help.