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Gum Contouring

Does excess gum tissue make your healthy teeth look short, worn, or underdeveloped?

Gum contouring from Riverside Dental Center & Beauty Spa in Rio Rancho, NM, can reveal more of each tooth for a bigger and brighter smile.

Learn how Dr. Barbara Lewis-Heywood and her team of compassionate dental professionals can give you a stunning smile with gum contouring...

Improve the Appearance of Your Gums to Reveal More of Your Smile

Excess gum tissue can compromise the natural beauty of your smile. To reveal more of each tooth, Dr. Lewis-Heywood can use an advanced dental laser or a traditional scalpel to provide patients with incredible cosmetic results. Gum contouring at our Rio Rancho, NM, dentistry practice offers a number of advantages, including:

Fast Results

Your dentist can reshape gum tissue to create an attractive frame for your teeth in a single appointment. Recovery can take a few days to a couple of weeks.

Conservative Treatment

When you choose to reshape your gums, you should understand it will not require removing a significant amount of tissue. The subtle enhancements Dr. Lewis-Heywood provides can completely transform the appearance of your smile.

Low Risk

Thanks to Dr. Lewis-Heywood's refined techniques, strict sterilization standards, and dedication to patient education, gum contouring is an extremely safe procedure. She will review your medical history to make certain you can safely undergo gum contouring.

laser gum contouring

Dr. Lewis-Heywood can use lasers and traditional tools to give your teeth a stunning new frame.

Why Choose Riverside Dental Center & Beauty Spa? Helping You Become Your Best Self

Our comprehensive practice provides general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry treatments to patients of all ages in the Greater Albuquerque area from our office in Rio Rancho, NM. Reasons to choose our dental office for gum contouring include:

Free Consultations

So that you can make an educated decision about how to improve the appearance of your gums, teeth, and entire smile, we gladly offer free consultations.


Dr. Lewis-Heywood has been practicing dentistry for more than 20 years. As her patient, you can benefit from the care of a dentist with decades of experience providing excellent outcomes.

State-of-the-Art Care

Our dentistry practice is committed to studying and adopting the safest and most effective practices in dentistry to ensure your satisfaction and superior results.

5-Star Patient Reviews


LaTonya McQueen


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I became a patient of Dr. Hayworth Lewis when I first moved to ABQ. She was referred by co workers and became known as the main dentist that serviced employees at the center. After meeting with her it became obvious why she left a everlasting impression on those I worked with. Dr. Hayworth Lewis showed she cared about me as a patient and ensured my dental health. What a wonderful woman.

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Shon Cobbs


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Could not have been more pleased. Dr. Lewis-Howard’s COVID precautions were perfect (which is something I care about greatly). Her care and attention were beyond any dental care I’ve had back in Denver. I’m so happy to have found her practice. Highly recommended.

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Take Your Smile to the Next Level Schedule an Appointment Today

If you've had enough of your gums causing your teeth to appear small or unhealthy, our Rio Rancho, NM, dentist can help. Dr. Lewis-Heywood can adjust the contours of your gum line to balance the appearance of your entire smile. This cosmetic technique can safely transform your appearance and boost your self-esteem. 

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"Kind, Knowledgeable, and Patient-Oriented."


Ashley Ackerman


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With all of the anxiety and fear I have had with my teeth, I don't think I could have found another person better to rid me of it like Barbara has. I'm extremely excited to see what she is able to do for me.

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Melissa Benavidez


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Dr. Haywood is kind, knowledgeable and patient-oriented. If you're looking for a dentist she is a great choice!

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How Much Does Gum Contouring Cost?

cost of gum contouring

You can expect to pay around $900 per tooth. Because this is a cosmetic procedure, it does not qualify for insurance coverage. To help you budget for gum contouring, we offer in-house financing plans that can allow you to pay for your treatment in easy monthly installments.

The Gum Contouring Timeline

Each procedure is unique to the needs of our patients, but in general, gum contouring surgery involves:


During your initial consultation at our Rio Rancho dental office, Dr. Lewis-Heywood will discuss your goals and answer any questions you may have regarding the gum reshaping process.


Your comfort is paramount, so Dr. Lewis-Heywood will administer local anesthesia to numb your gums before proceeding with treatment. Sedation is available upon request.


Depending on your individual needs, our dentist will either use our advanced laser or a scalpel to gently remove tissue from each tooth you wish to treat. 


Dr. Lewis-Heywood will provide you with individualized instructions to ensure your recovery is complication-free and as quick as possible.

What Can I Expect During Recovery?

Depending on how you feel and the amount of tenderness you are experiencing, plan to rest immediately after treatment. You should avoid strenuous activity until the gum tissue has healed. To help improve the speed and efficacy of the healing process, you can use a saline rinse to keep your mouth clean. This is especially useful to clear debris from your mouth after eating. Over-the-counter NSAIDs can help with any tenderness or discomfort.

During this time you'll want to stick to soft foods that are easy to eat, such as:

  • Soup
  • Gelatin
  • Applesauce
  • Yogurt

You should also avoid fruits with small seeds, such as strawberries and kiwis, as you heal.

A follow-up with Dr. Lewis-Heywood will allow her to monitor your healing process and check for any signs of infection. If you stick to the recovery protocol, you can minimize the risk of infection and other complications. Signs of infection include pain, swelling, and discharge from your gums. If you begin to experience any of these symptoms before you have recovered, you should contact us immediately.

Gum Contouring as a Preparatory Procedure Achieve the Beautiful Smile You Deserve

Patients interested in cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers may need to undergo gum contouring in order to accommodate the porcelain restoration. While developing a custom-tailored treatment plan at our comprehensive dentistry practice, Dr. Lewis-Heywood may recommend including gum contouring as part of a smile makeover to achieve attractive symmetry.

Barbara Lewis-Heywood, DMD

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Barbara Lewis-Heywood, DMD, is proud to offer state-of-the-art dentistry to patients from Rio Rancho and throughout the greater Albuquerque, NM, area. She is affiliated with SurgicalMaster. In addition to dental care, our office features a luxurious medical spa offering wellness and facial rejuvenation treatments. Some of our most popular services include:

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