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One of the most effective oral health care treatment prevention options you should always consider is the use of a mouth guard. Mouth guards are highly effective in situations where dental traumas can arise. Even a single blow to the head is enough to severely damage your smile and set back your oral health care for decades. Thus, consider the use of mouth guards whenever possible.

Three potential forms of mouth guards are custom-made mouth guards, boil-and-bite mouth guards, and stock market guards.

Custom-made mouth guards are specifically designed for your dental impression and can be made by your dentist for your individual smile.

Boil-and-bite mouth guards are placed in warm water and bitten into to create your exact dental impression.

Stock mouth guards are typically inexpensive, but they come preformed and are ready to wear, which can potentially lead to issues with them not fitting correctly. For additional help, speak with your dentist.

Once you have your set of mouth guards, it is important to care for them so they can function effectively. If they should ever show any signs of wear or damage, they need to be replaced immediately. In addition, children and teens will need to replace their mouth guards more often, as their mouths are growing and changing. Always be sure to clean your mouth guards effectively, and store them properly. You should keep them out of harm’s way of siblings and family pets.

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