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The presence of winter and rapid approach of spring mean that many sports are already well underway, and this season of the year correlates to a rise in emergency dental visits for oral injuries. Though wearing a proper sports mouth guard is not foolproof against injury, it could significantly decrease your risk of needing emergency visits. We want you to be safe while playing the sports you love, so we offer information on sports mouth guards and how you can choose one that’s right for you:

A mouth guard—also known as a mouth protector—is a device that you wear over your teeth to cushion them from the impact of blows to the mouth. While oral injuries are not uncommon when playing sports, many mouth guards worn are not effective enough. It’s important to wear a quality sports mouth guard whether you’re playing football, baseball, soccer, or basketball.

But what makes a mouth guard effective? There are many styles of sports mouth guards, but the most comfortable and durable are those created by a dental professional. Even boil-and-clamp mouth guards don’t offer sufficient efficacy. Dr. Barbara Lewis-Heywood and our team can design for you a personalized mouth guard when you visit Riverside Dental & Beauty Spa for your next dental checkup. Receiving a custom-made sports mouth guard can protect your smile from a more costly emergency trip to the dentist.

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