Pre-prosthetic surgery involves preparing a patient’s mouth to receive a prosthesis. This can involve reshaping and smoothing bone, removing excess bone and gum tissue, and reducing the bone ridge. Each treatment is tailored to meet your specific dental needs, taking into account your individual situation and your personal preferences.

One common reason Dr. Barbara Lewis-Heywood performs pre-prosthetic surgery in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, is if a patient is about to receive partial or full dentures. Dentures need to fit precisely in order to function properly and comfortably. In some cases, the bone ridge on which the denture sits needs to be modified, especially if teeth needed to be extracted. This can leave the bone sharp, uneven, and unsuited for dentures. Pre-prosthetic surgery can enable patients to have the comfortable, well-fitting dentures they deserve. This procedure can also help to ensure that the denture fits aesthetically and allows for optimal function.

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