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If one of the teeth in your smile has been knocked out, extracted, or lost to untreated tooth decay, it can lead to several oral complications. Beyond the impaired ability to bite food and talk, it can also have long-term implications. The surrounding teeth in your smile were held in place by the tooth. Once it was lost, the surrounding teeth were tempted to gradually misalign, which could further mar your appearance and cause chips on the corresponding teeth in your bite.

To effectively address these issues, your dentist, Dr. Barbara Lewis-Heywood, will often recommend replacing the tooth with a dental implant in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

There are multiple steps in the implantation process. It starts by having your dentist examine the jaw structure in the area. It’s important to assess if you have the sufficient jaw structure to anchor an implant. Otherwise, a bone graft procedure will need to be performed in advance of the implant procedure.

Then, a careful incision will be made in your gums. A narrow channel will be made in your jaw bone. Next, a titanium implant will be screwed into the channel in the bone and your gums will be sutured closed.

Titanium is known for being biologically inert. In fact, the implant abutment will eventually fuse with your natural bone in a process known as osseointegration. This helps give the final dental implant the same strength and feel of a natural tooth.

Once the titanium implant has been fully integrated into the surrounding bone tissues, your dentist can start the process of fitting it for a dental crown. This will fully restore the missing tooth’s presence and function in your mouth.

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